How can MirrorSafe help you improve your safety profile and reduce your costs?

A patented, innovative design assuring high quality and performance.

Let's break it down for you:

The highly visible MirroSafe casing in Signal Yellow

The Highly Visible Mirror Case


Snow, rain, fog and shorter days in the winter months all reduce visibility. The Signal Yellow of the mirror case alerts drivers of oncoming vehicles in adverse weather so that mirror strikes can be prevented. 

The material of the mirror case, an extremely strong TPE Thermoplastic Elastomer grade TG50, has been specifically selected for its high impact properties, its strength but also its flexibility.

It is recyclable, eco-friendly, non-toxic and environmentally safe.

A strong internally mounted aluminium bracket gives additional structure and rigidity.

The natural curve of the design deflects energy and by absorbing the impact it increases the resistance and protects the glass against breakage.

The MirrorSafe Convex Glass and Rear Rubber Frame

The Convex Glass and Rear Rubber Frame


We decided to use glass versus carbon coated acrylic for its benefits of being hard, scratch resistant and because it does not tarnish.

We chose convex glass which gives an optically true and distortion free image, provides clarity and a wider angle of view.

The rear rubber frame which consists of compressible, air-filled ribs that wrap around the glass reduces the impact on the glass and prevents it from shattering. When the mirror folds on impact, the vehicle's bodywork (door and side window glass) are protected against damage and breakage.

The ribs lower the level of noise created on impact of truck mirror to vehicle window or door. Especially on the driver’s side, this noise reduction alone provides further safety for the driver as it decreases the likelihood of instinctive swerving away from the source of the impact sound and the risk of a more serious accident.

Our newest development – the heating of the glass – gives you a major new advantage. Your view will remain clearer in all weathers from start to end of journey.

The MirrorSafe rubber ribs

The Rubber Ribs

The black rubber ribs at the front and rear of the MirrorSafe deflect and absorb the energy of the impact and protect the mirror body and glass in the event of a mirror collision.


This again has the positive effect of increasing road safety.


Screw heads that are too large to pass through the body ensure that the rubber ribs will stay in place during the mirror strike.

This softer material is moulded over an underlaying bung which also compresses on impact, creates additional resistance and serves as a cushion on both sides.


The energy is deferred from the glass and absorbed in the mirror body.

MirrorSafe showing ball joint

The Mount: Ball and Clamp Design

MirrorSafe comes with a two-part mount ball that fits a range of truck makes and models with round mirror poles of 20 to 30mm diam. 

This ball joint design compresses enough to allow the ball to move to whatever position or height required.


When releasing the pressure, it relaxes and works as part of the clamp that holds it in a steady position. The clamp fits over the ball joint and is fixed with two bolts.


It holds the mirror tightly in place, even when the vehicle vibrates while idling and during adverse weather conditions such as strong wind or rain.


The mount ball and clamp are made of exceptionally durable and dependable material.


Installing the mirror is a quick and easy fit. You will save time and labour costs.

At MirrorSafe we are commmitted to developing our product even further.

We're now offering our newest development: The Heated MirrorSafe as standard. This gives all of our customers the option to upgrade to the heating feature by simply connecting the wiring whenever you want.

The heated MirrorSafe offers you even more safety, keeping your vision clear and uncompromised in all conditions.