In the unlikely event that you break our unbreakable mirror, we will replace the mirror free of charge. Our products are tested up to a speed of impact of 118mph to ensure its reilience. Our universal fitment means there is no more searching for a suitable replacement unit, our mirror will fit any vehicle with a mirror arm bar upto a iameter of 35mm.

Mirrorsafe MS046H

£150.00 Regular Price
£105.00Sale Price
Color: yellow
  • Welcome to Mirrorsafe products. As part of the launch of our product we are offering a huge 30% discount for all new customers for a limited time only. At Mirrorsafe we pride ourselves on our fantastic range of Safety products which are all guaranteed to be not only unbreakable but incredibly safe in the event of an impact with Cyclists and pedestrians.So what exactly are the benefits to choosing a MirrorSafe mirror?

    • Never pay for a replacement Mirror again.
    • Never lose driving hours due to a mirror breakage .
    • Never sacrifice your KPI’s .
    • Avoid dangers to the public.
    • Improve your public safety profile.
    • Mirrorsafe mirrors prices are comparable to standard replacement mirrors.
    • Exhaustive testing has proven that our mirrors are unbreakable and as such guaranteed.
    • Our mirrors have a much higher visibility allowing oncoming drivers to assess the true width of your vehicle earlier allowing a much higher, earlier and safer avoidance of mirror to mirror strike.Logistics is an ever evolving industry where innovation and the ability to adapt are becoming ever more important. The industry places huge importance on safety whilst demanding the highest performance. At Mirrorsafe we have created the ideal solution in the event of a mirror breakage and we are the first company to address the dangers vehicle mirrors pose to members of the public. In short our products are stronger, safer and guaranteed.

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