MirrorSafe Limited is a new company that was specifically incorporated to design and develop the MirrorSafe product that you see on our website. 

MirrorSafe is a pioneering, patented design. Unlike original manufacturer mirrors and “like for like” competitors our design and material is completely focussed on cushioning the impact and protecting the mirror glass from shattering.

The glass in original mirrors is susceptible to shattering upon impact. The mirror body in a side collision (mirror strike) is pushed inward towards the vehicle's bodywork. This poses higher risk of producing damage to the door and to the glass of the vehicle side window. By lessening this risk, we know that costs are reduced, and the safety of the driver is improved by avoiding injury through shattered glass on the side window. By preventing him from impulsively swerving away from the impact noise a potentially more serious collision can be avoided.

The material of the MirrorSafe mirror body itself is high grade and especially robust. We have tested this extensively inhouse; we have driven a truck over it and although we can’t officially guarantee that it will never break we can assure you that it is very hard to break!


We opted to use glass, a much better and more viable component – it is harder, it gives a clearer view, can be much more easily cleaned and is more scratch resistant. Also, and just as important for safety, when heated, glass stays clear against ice, snow, rain. We’ve discovered, competitors’ mirrors that are carbon coated tend to tarnish – so-called yellowing  - which means the view doesn’t stay as clear.

Some competitors are offering mirror guards which serve as protection shields. They are mainly made of metal. They are designed to protect the original mirror like an envelope. They also save replacement costs. However, their disadvantages are:

  • No high visibility, no alerting to the true width of the vehicle – they are designed to blend in,

  • No innovative design, like a curved body that is strong and flexible at the same time and reduces drag,

  • No protection for the vehicle's bodywork  - the metal can cause more damage to door and side window, 

  • No innovative features to prevent damage and reduce the risk of injury

Our design therefore has advantages over these in that

  • Our MirrorSafe is made in a Signal Yellow casing – highly visible, aimed to prevent collision in the first place,

  • Our MirrorSafe has a curved body - strong but flexible material, that reduces the drag,

  • Our MirrorSafe has protective rubber ribs and a frame of air-filled ribs that deflect the energy and absorb it within the body, to protect both, mirror case and mirror glass,

  • Our MirrorSafe reduces the noise and severity of impact and increases road safety

We believe the MirrorSafe is the best solution and unique in its combination of features.  We have spent more than two and a half years to develop this product, trying different materials, adding features, getting it patented.

Therefore, we are confident you can appreciate, a lot of time, effort and money has gone into this innovative design so that the industry benefits, but also because we really care about making the roads safer for all road users in our communities.